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Melbourne CBD Florist, Lilac and the Cat is able to provide flower delivery and floral arrangements services to all areas of the CBD and Melbourne suburbs. Lilac and the Cat is inspired by the uncountable variations that are present in nature; no two flowers are ever the same. They may be of the same genus but there will always be tiny differences in petal shape and size, the curve of the stem and in the colour of the flower itself.

Lilac and the Cat’s founder, Janelouise uses these differences to create a harmony in her flora designs. JL selects each flower individually based on an intuitive feeling for how that flower will interact with other elements in the floras design. If the flower harmonises with the rest of the design, but still retains it’s own individuality, JL knows she has found the right flower.

The inclusion of twigs and brambles serve as a reminder for where each flower comes from and what it will always be connected to. The original nature, the original ecosystem and the original seed are all celebrated in the flora designs of Melbourne florist, Lilac and the Cat.

We are dedicated to the creation of unique flora designs and organic, sustainable gift ideas and to conducting business in a socially and environmentally friendly way by only engaging with sustainable suppliers and imports that honour fair-trade agreements and operate in a holistically ethical manner.

Our Melbourne Florist Services

    • Wedding Flowers:
  • Lilac and the Cat is for sustainable flower design. Our wedding flowers are made ensuring that all materials meet up with Lilac and the Cats ethical standards. The first place we look for flowers is in our own backyard, because we believe in sourcing local so we only buy from seasonal farmers which helps keep our carbon footprint low.

    We never think twice about the importance of working with nature, you won’t find any plastics or floral foam in our centrepieces or imported ribbons on our bridal bouquets. We never use imported flowers, you’d be surprised how many florists do!

    We love using recycled materials. We’ll even bind your bouquet with materials that may be precious or sentimental to you.

    The need to recognise individuality and celebrate union is especially apparent during a wedding. Our flora designs seek to fuse the individual personalities into the one union. In the same way that the differences of people come together, the differences in each flower are brought together to replicate the spirital union of the bride and groom.
  • Bouquets: Bouquets are the perfect way to demonstrate a sentiment. The mix of scents and the interplay of colours in our floral arrangements and bouquets create a sensory representation of how you feel and the emotion you want to convey.
  • Corporate Floral Arrangements: Our flora designs will provide your corporate space with a splash of vitality that your staff can turn to when they need a lift. We can provide same day delivery to Melbourne’s CBD, Richmond and surrounding suburbs.
  • Gift Hampers: Our gift hampers are assembled with love and are the result of hours of research into the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of each item. Our gift hampers are designed to convey an emotional message and are a combination of lovingly arranged, handpicked flowers, soothing herbal teas, artisan candles and soul-pleasing organic chocolates.
  • Floral Installation Pieces: Our installations move beyond flora design and become an installation art piece that can breathe life into your space. It is imperative that every aspect of our installations satisfies our ethical guidelines. We aim to create an installation that you can converse with – a piece of art that grows with you.

We always aim to go local when we are sourcing our products. If we have to look elsewhere, we conduct rigorous research to ensure that suppliers pay their employees correctly, transport their goods in an eco-friendly way and align with Lilac and the Cat’s core values and beliefs.

Lilac and the Cat Florist in Melbourne’s CBD can create the flora design or gift hamper to suit any occasion. 20-years of experience in floristry has given us the ability to capture emotion, sentiment and desires and express all of these in a gorgeous bouquet, installation piece or a collection of sustainable, ethical gifts. Celebrate the unique and the individual and give back by contacting Lilac and the Cat for your floristry needs.

We offer same or next day delivery of floral arrangements or gift hampers to all parts of the Melbourne CBD and Richmond as well as surrounding suburbs including, Fitzroy, Carlton, Brunswick, Collingwood, Abbotsford, South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor.

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