Meraki Crystal Bottles
Meraki Crystal Bottles
Meraki Crystal Bottles
Meraki Crystal Bottles

Meraki Crystal Bottles

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Meraki Crystals is a positive lifestyle brand on a mission to help as many people as possible experience the incredible, transformative energy that crystals can inject into your daily life. 


Drink in the energy

To benefit from the incredible positive energy of your crystal, simply remove the glass part of your bottle and hold the crystal in your hands. Envision your goal or intention, and set it into the crystal. As you rehydrate during the day, you will be drinking in the energy of your crystal and it will act as a reminder of your goals and dreams, helping you stay mindful and positive in your daily life.


Amethyst the Intuitive eye

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that brings protection and spiritual growth. Your amethyst Crystal Elixir bottle will rid your body of any negative energy while attracting positive energy towards you.

Connected with the third eye, Amethyst indulges your intuition helping you to make those decisions you’ve been struggling to make lately. You’ll be empowered to trust your gut.

Your amethyst crystal elixir will encourage sound sleep and relaxation, it will improve areas of your life that you didn’t even realise needed improving.

Rose Quartz The Love Magnet

Rose Quartz Crystal, the stone of unconditional love. This beautiful crystal facilitates love entering your life through it’s ability to bring your consciousness to a higher level. Your Rose quartz elixir will help you to forgive and understand things from different perspective.

Your Rose Quartz crystal water bottle will open up your heart to self love and self acceptance. It will aid with inner healing, finding peace and tranquility and you will be able to let go of negativity that you have been holding onto.

Clear Quartz Crystal Clarity

Clear Quartz will illuminate your spirit, bringing clarity to your mind, helping you to focus and become clear on your dreams and desires.

A universal healing crystal, Your Clear Quartz Elixir will provide you with balance and harmony. This gemstone radiates high-vibrational energy in all directions and will fill your space with light and positive energy.

You can use your Clear Quartz Crystal elixir bottle to amplify the energy level of any other crystals that come in close contact with it, making it the perfect choice to take time out to meditate with.

Please Note - Our crystals are all natural, each stone will vary in shape, size and colour. No crystal is ever the same.

Bottle volume is 550ml Stainless steel cap and Base or Bamboo Cap and Base

Glass bottle is dishwasher safe, all other components are best hand washed using mild dish soap. 

Meraki Crystal Bottles
Meraki Crystal Bottles