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Lilac and the Cat is Melbourne's most ethical, eco-friendly florist. Our Studios are located on the outskirts of Melbourne city. We're on the constant look out for locally sourced flowers and we hand deliver them, with love, across all of Melbourne— oh yeah....and we are in total lurve with what we do!

 We are the  perfect example  of the  holistically  focused,  uncontrolled  natural energy  of underground  Melbourne -    where  sophistication  meets raw  creativity. Where  the primal need  to rise above  the brick and  stone and go  back to nature, gives way to beautiful forms of art and expression. 

Founder, Janelouise's passion for creating elegant, striking and sustainable flora designs, has given birth to the creation of Lilac and the Cat. Her flower designs pay homage to the fact that every flower was originally part of an intricate ecosystem, a collage of differences and natural variation.

Each flower is lovingly hand chosen by JL, based on the contribution it will bring to the collective mood. JL's ability to create synergies within flora design is the result of years of experimentation with natural forms. Janelouise has gained a sense of the special type of energy that occurs when different flowers are brought together.

JL is careful to ensure that this collective mood doesn’t diminish the radiance of each individual flower, and the individual energy it carries. By treading this line between union and the unique, Lilac and the Cat’s flora designs create a unique, harmonic, visual aesthetic that leaves enough space for each individual flower to bloom.

Lilac and the Cat is committed to operating in a sustainable, ethical manner, sourcing locally made and grown products wherever possible. All flowers and products are individually sourced to ensure an ethical and sustainable supply-chain and fair trading terms for imported items. The integrity of the products and the processes that went into making them available are paramount.

We never use cellophane, floral foam or ribbons or any unnatural elements in our flora designs instead we opt for recycled wall paper and vintage kimono materials, recycled boxes, up cycled vases and pots. By turning to these recycled products, we also add another layer to our art—dressing it with materials that have their own stories to tell, that have taken their own journey before ending up at Lilac and the Cat.


  Our Flower designs

  At Lilac and the Cat, we go  beyond the  visual and  tactile elements  when creating  our designs.  During her 24  years in the  industry,  Janelouise has  developed a  keen  understanding  of the emotional  effect that flowers can have as well as their ability to influence the atmosphere of a space.




Our floral arrangements include:

  • Wedding Flowers: Our unique centerpieces reflect the individuality of the couple, and their love for each other. Our bridal bouquets will give you something calming and evocative to have and to hold. 
  • Corporate Floral Arrangements: Lilac and the Cat's flower designs for corporate spaces will provide a much-needed visual place of respite within the sometimes-monochrome hum of the office space. We are able to deliver throughout the Melbourne CBD and surrounding inner-suburbs.
  • Floral Installation Pieces: These pieces are the focus of everything that is  Lilac and the Cat. These installations take flower design into the realm of sculpture to create living, breathing works of art to adorn your space, infuse it with vitality and open up the conversation between the exterior and the interior. These pieces require on-site installation and are inspired by the raw energy of installation art.

Our Sustainable Gift Ideas

    Lilac and the Cat’s range of sustainable, ethical gift ideas is the perfect compliment to our flower designs. Our organic gift hampers have been created with love and an absolute commitment to the core values of Lilac and the Cat. No matter the occasion, our sustainable, ethical, organic gift ideas can create a sensory accompaniment for your sentiments.

    Opening Hours

    • Shop Online: Round the clock. Delivering  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We need you to book the day before your delivery date so that we can organise beautiful blooms every time.
    • Visit us:
      • Tuesday - Friday : by appointment only
      • YOU CAN FIND US AT The Fitzroy Mills Market every Saturday between 9am-2pm


    • All orders will be delivered safely the following day after the order is received. Please note Saturday deliveries must be confirmed and we do not deliver on Mondays or Sundays, we've decided that we need a weekend too!  
    • If you require same day delivery, please email or call 0419562253 and we will do our best to get them there the same day, however often we are unable to so please organise the day before to avoid disappointment.
    • We deliver beautiful blooms to all Melbourne and metro areas.

    For flora design created with love and passion by a wholesome, ethical, local business, contact Lilac and the Cat.