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Richmond florist, Lilac and the Cat has been inspired by the unique vibrancy of its surrounds - we love the way that Richmond seamlessly blends the old with the new and the way different approaches, backgrounds and subsets of society can be blended together to create a beautiful, vibrant hub of activity and culture.

Corporate Floral ArrangementWhen establishing our florist in Richmond, we wanted to engage with this avant-garde vibrancy and situate ourselves within the unique spirit of this area of Melbourne. We also love the social and environmental conscience that Richmond perpetuates, through the countless examples of thought provoking street art and bevy of forward-thinking businesses. Lilac and the Cat infuse our own business practices with this ethically-motivated conscience by making a clear commitment to purchasing from local suppliers and by only selecting imported products that meet up to our ethical and environmental standards. 

Our florist store shares a premise with a vegan café and a record store. So, if you need a little soul pleasing next time you’re in Richmond, we have something for all your senses. 

Founder Jane Louise’s intuition for creating seamless yet striking blends of colours, textures and flowers is built on the back of her willingness to experiment and take cues from nature. She also takes inspiration from Richmond, where people turn contrasts into creations, where brick walls become herb gardens, and every inch of wall is a blank canvas. All of these creations are a result of trying to communicate and rise above what we see around us, and express our need to tell our story. Every flower has a story to tell and Lilac and the Cat is the medium of expression.
Creating a flora design isn’t about hiding the peculiarities of each genus of flower and the differences between individual flowers. It’s about celebrating these differences and having the personalities of the flowers converse with one another, and shine through.

Our Richmond Florist Services 

  • Wedding Flowers: Lilac and the Cat always feels blessed when people ask us to create flora designs for their wedding day. We love listening to your plans for the day, how you want the guests to feel and the things about your relationship you want to highlight. Janelouise hand- selects each flower individually, ensuring that the energy of the flowers is reflective of your collective presence as two people in love. 
  • Bouquets: Whether you need flowers to show your support during tough times or celebrations, we know how to create a perfect blend of colours and shapes that will convey your love and support. Flowers have a special affect on people; they are capable of engaging with all of our senses.
  • Corporate Floral Arrangements: Our corporate floral arrangements provide a much-needed visual place of respite within the sometimes-monochrome hum of dreary office spaces. We are able to deliver throughout Richmond, Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding suburbs.
  • Floral Installation Pieces: Our installations are lovingly crafted art that will engage with your space and give you a point of escape when you need it. Every single element in our installations has been hand chosen and investigated to ensure it passes our ethical guidelines.
Lilac and the Cat Florist in Richmond can create the flora design to suit any occasion. 22-years of experience in floristry has given us the ability to capture emotion, sentiment and desires and express all of these in a gorgeous bouquet or a collection of sustainable, ethical gifts. Celebrate the unique and the individual and give back by contacting Lilac and the Cat for your flower needs.

We offer same or next day delivery of flower arrangements to all parts of Richmond and the Melbourne CBD as well as surrounding suburbs including, Fitzroy, Carlton, Brunswick, Collingwood, Abbotsford, South Yarra, Prarhan and Windsor and outer suburbs.

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