Need a Mothers day Florist in Melbourne? We deliver to all Melbourne Suburbs. Order online today. May 02 2016

Need a Florist fast? Pre-Order your Mum some a beautiful flower bouquet for Mothers day from our easy online store and have them delivered anywhere in Melbourne. Our Florist Delivers to Richmond, South Yarra, Melbourne CBD, Northcote, Abbotsford, Collingwood, South Melbourne, Footscray, Hawthorn, Albert Park, Carlton, and further!

WILD COLLECTIVE - Richmond, Cremorne, Melbourne, The World March 10 2016

So this style of bouquet, Wild Collective, seems to have been growing flower legs and walking out our Richmond door. Each day we are delivering flowers like these across all of Melbourne. Delivery areas include, Richmond, South Yarra, South Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, Abbotsford, Collingwood, Malvern, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Kensington, Flemington, East Melbourne, Albert Park, Windsor, Prahran, Heidelberg, Northcote, Fitzroy, Kew, St.Kilda, Elsternwick and plenty more  around our City. You can order yours online here, with us, at Lilac and the Cat. You'll be sure to have the most amazing looking flowers around Melbourne. 
You can also order your flower bouquet and pick it up from our store in Richmond. We are located at 6 Cremorne street, Cremorne. 
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dial 0419 562 253

We don't support the Spring Carnival and never will. October 30 2015

We Dont Support The Spring Carnival and Never Will.

In my 20 years as a florist I have finally made the commitment to stand against Horse Racing. Lilac and the Cat will not be supporting Spring Carnival this year or any other year for that matter. Which means we wont be supplying flowers that has anything related to the horse racing industry. Up until recently I had no idea of what really happens behind the glamour of The Melbourne Cup. 

(All Information taken from Animal Australia's website.)

Did you know?

Whilst in training, horses may be individually stabled for most of every day, apart from when they're on the training track. Stabling is the most 'practical' way to provide the horses with their high-performance training and racing diet, and housing them right next to the training track reduces time consuming daily transport. However, without social and environmental stimulation, horses can develop stereotypic behaviours, such as crib-biting (biting on fences and other fixed objects and then pulling back, making a characteristic grunting noise, called wind-sucking) and self-mutilation may occur. These stereotypic behaviours are a strong indicator of welfare problems for horses.

Around 31,000 thoroughbreds and a similar number of Standardbreds will be 'in training' or racing at any one time in Australia.


During training and in competition, horses of all ages can suffer painful muscular-skeletal injuries, such as torn ligaments and tendons, dislocated joints and even fractured bones.


The exertion of the races leads a large proportion of horses to bleed into their lungs and windpipe — called Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage. This has only been fully realized in recent years when endoscopes have been used to carry out internal examinations via the throat. A study carried out by the University of Melbourne found that 50% of race horses had blood in the windpipe, and 90% had blood deeper in the lungs.


Why are injured horses almost always killed?

This is a question often asked as race-day audiences watch a traumatic fall and then are temporarily upset as a screen is rushed to the track to shield them from the brutal reality of the racing game.

When a horse breaks a leg or shoulder the bones may 'explode' into many pieces, making it impossible for a vet to repair the bone, and even when recovery is possible, it is unlikely the horse will be able to race again. Even where a mare or stallion has potential at stud (breeding), the cost of restoring a racehorse to full fitness is expensive, and not a guarantee. Injured racehorses are prone to infections, particularly pneumonia, and are usually deemed uneconomic.


You can count on one or two hands the Melbourne Cup winners who now graze on beautiful paddocks in their retirement. Most ex-racing horses are not so lucky. The vast majority of thoroughbreds (flat and jumps racers) and standardbred (harness racers) horses fail to run fast enough or become injured and are just 'discarded' by the racing industry.


Many failed or older racehorses will be destined for slaughter, and may go to local knackeries — to be used for pet meat, for example — or be purchased for slaughter at the two horse abattoirs in Australia (Peterborough in SA and Caboolture in QLD). Approximately 2,000 tonnes of horse meat is exported from Australia for human consumption in Japan and Europe annually (ABS figures). Over 25,000 horses per year are killed in this way in Australia.

Not to mention what comes with Gambling. 

All information was gathered from


What makes us a Sustainable Florist - Richmond's Most Loved Florist October 25 2015

What makes us a Sustainable Florist.

Richmond's most loved Florist.

Melbourne is a place where we are able to express ourselves creatively and we have a great awareness to environmental issues allowing us think twice about the things we buy day to day. We are lucky to be given the option to purchase green. 

At Lilac and the Cat, Richmond's leading florist, we choose to be an Ethical and Sustainable small business. One of the things we do to achieve this is using recycled products for our wrapping, such as recycled wall paper and recycled plastic wrap. These are simple steps to having a sustainable business and we steer away from using cellophane and other plastics especially Oasis (green floral foam). One of our most popular flower boxes is made up of recycled comic paper, recycled milk cartons (from our resident cafe Magic Hour) and other recycled plastics.  This by far is one of the most eco friendly flower arrangements you will ever be able to purchase online in Melbourne. 

Recently we arranged some flowers for the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects at the Melbourne Town Hall. We used up-cycled go cart tyres for the pots and beautiful locally grown blooms. Check it out! 

Order flowers Online or drop into our store at 6 Cremorne street, Cremorne.

We are Richmond Florist. Delivering Flowers across Melbourne. October 06 2015

Need Flowers Delivered to Richmond or anywhere in Melbourne? We deliver round the clock. Well almost. Just not Sundays, thats when we've got our feet up! 

We make flowers with so much love. You'll be gushing over our flower designs. 

Make the change. Support a Sustainable, female owned business. ;) 


Lilac and the Cat. Richmond's Best Online Florist. October 05 2015

We're delivering flowers and beautiful sustainable and locally made gifts across Melbourne. Please browse through our online shop and order yours today. 

Get ready for Christmas. We will be delivering Flowers across Melbourne up until late Christmas Eve. Beautiful Christmas table decorations. Sustainable Christmas gifts delivered. We'll be stocking Christmas lilies, sustainable Christmas hampers and more. 

We are by far Melbourne's best online Florist. Delivering perfect blooms and high quality giftware across Richmond and Melbourne. 

Our Florist is located in Cremorne at 6 Cremorne street.  Drop in and say hi! :)


Richmond Florist is here! September 07 2015

We are sending out beautiful blooms like these everyday throughout Melbourne. Jump online and order yours. This one we sent out today, the customer requesting for psychedelic blooms!

O what a joy Melbourne! We love your requests! 

Drop in to our Richmond store at 6 Cremorne street and say gidday! 

Peace x


We are open! Come for a visit! September 03 2015


Hello fellow Melburnians. We are all open for business down on Cremorne street! Pop in for a smile on your dial after a sip of coffee, a sweet smell of our flowers and music to your beautiful ears. 

We are at 6 Cremorne street, Richmond. 

And we are ready for you! 

Melbourne's coolest new collective business. 




Melbourne's most loved sustainable florist August 05 2015

Why we are a Sustainable florist.


Throughout my life in the flower industry I have watched flower shops dispose of so much landfill. It’s sad to see so much wastage in the Flower Industry just from laziness. Gifts don’t need to be imported and flowers don’t need to be arranged in floral foam nor wrapped in cellophane.

Since starting Lilac and the Cat, Melbourne's online Florist, we promise to continue our sustainable use of products forever and ever. We reuse the plastic packaging for our wet packs, up cycle vases and pots, say no to Floral foam and source as many locally grown flowers as possible. All our giftware is either locally sourced and handmade or certified organic. We up cycle old pieces of wall paper and comics books for gift wrapping, use twine and recycled lace instead of commercial ribbon. We choose green companies for our utilities, use recycled business cards and stationery and even compost our green waste. Everything we can possibly do to be Green we do. We even have a Vegan café joining us at our 6 Cremorne street address in Richmond, alongside a Record store that sell recycled records and music that is underground rock.

Pop into our store and say Hi, hello there and share with us your passions for saying yes to local business and yes to supporting green, because you and I both know how easy it is to be.

Janelouise x

C'mon Australia #lovewins | We're making Man Bouquets June 29 2015


C’mon Australia. #lovewins

I can’t wait for Australia to get on the Love boat. Why we have to wait so long, or at all, baffles me. Love is bloody everything!

Plus I want to create the most amazing wedding flowers for Gay weddings. Im over hetro weddings, I need more hullabaloo, colour, pizzazz!!!

For now were selling Man bouquets. Delivering across Melbourne to the one you love most. Follow the link and order at our online store.

We are (or atleast soon will be) Melbourne’s most loved florist!

JL x


Lilac and the Cat | Richmond Florist

6 Cremorne street,