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Wedding Floral CentrepiecesRichmond’s coolest newest online florist is the place to find flower designs for your wedding. At Lilac and the Cat, designing wedding bouquets and reception flowers is a labour of love.

We are passionate about capturing the souls of the loving couple and fusing the separate entities into one beautiful union explosion through intuitive arrangements of luscious flowers, twigs and brambles.

Our weddings flower designs and bridal bouquets are made with a commitment ensuring that all materials meet up with Lilac and the Cats ethical standards. The first place we look for flowers is in our own backyard, because we believe in supporting the local community. Wherever possible, we deal with producers that work in a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly manner.

We never think twice about the importance to work in an ethical manner; you won’t find any plastics or floral foam in our centrepieces or imported ribbons on our bridal bouquets. Instead we opt for beautiful, recycled kimono fabric, brown twine and recycled vintage lace. We love using recycled materials.

It's really quite easy and florists throughout the world should participate in applying these simple waste management steps. These recycled, up-cycled materials have their own story to tell and they all add to the utterly unique personalities of our flower designs.

Our Inspiration for Wedding Flowers

Lilac and the Cat is the product of Jane Louise’s passion for sustainable flower design. Her wedding bouquets and centrepieces are all created using her intuitive awareness of how flowers work in collaboration. She selects blooms based on colour and scent; each flower is chosen as a result of the energy it will bring to the collective. She loves the beautiful vibrations that come about when flowers are brought together and celebrated. 

JL yearns to create flower designs that sing the soil from which the flowers came, designs that remind us that each flower was part of an intricate ecosystem. The understanding of the origin of flowers means that each creation appears completely natural, as if each flower was meant to exist together – in the same way that differing flowers rise up next to one another in the beds of nature.

Lilac and the Cat is the perfect wedding florist for your special day. Jane Louise will work with you to ensure the personalities and preferences of the happy couple are reflected in the beautiful harmony of the final floral designs.

Your wedding day is all about the coming together of two individuals and your flowers should reflect this. If you want wedding flora design that goes beyond colour, scent and shape, then you need to visit us today to find out more about how we can help.

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