What makes us a Sustainable Florist - Richmond's Most Loved Florist

What makes us a Sustainable Florist.

Richmond's most loved Florist.

Melbourne is a place where we are able to express ourselves creatively and we have a great awareness to environmental issues allowing us think twice about the things we buy day to day. We are lucky to be given the option to purchase green. 

At Lilac and the Cat, Richmond's leading florist, we choose to be an Ethical and Sustainable small business. One of the things we do to achieve this is using recycled products for our wrapping, such as recycled wall paper and recycled plastic wrap. These are simple steps to having a sustainable business and we steer away from using cellophane and other plastics especially Oasis (green floral foam). One of our most popular flower boxes is made up of recycled comic paper, recycled milk cartons (from our resident cafe Magic Hour) and other recycled plastics.  This by far is one of the most eco friendly flower arrangements you will ever be able to purchase online in Melbourne. 

Recently we arranged some flowers for the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects at the Melbourne Town Hall. We used up-cycled go cart tyres for the pots and beautiful locally grown blooms. Check it out! 

Order flowers Online or drop into our store at 6 Cremorne street, Cremorne.

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