A Care pack for Grace

A Care pack for Grace

Today we had a flower order for Grace and learnt that she is a Doctor working in the ICU. The flowers from her friend were not only sent because she is having a tough time working in the ICU, but she has recently lost her Grandma to Covid19.

When I heard this I immediately wanted to tell Grace that I cared and knew that so many others like me, would appreciate the work she is doing during this pandemic.

So Ive decided to send her more flowers and reach out to my fellow followers to help put together a care pack for her, to show how much we all care.

If there are any businesses out there that would like and are able to donate a care product towards the pack, please send me a message. I’ve also opened up a donation paypal account (link in bio) to raise some dollars to go towards purchasing some self care products from local businesses to add to the Care pack. Things like candles, vouchers, natural beauty products, linen etc

I hope this will Make things a little easier for her and her family to get through this difficult time.

Paying it forward with kindness and love.




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