Sustainable Florist | Melbourne | Footscray

We have been practicing sustainable floristry from the day we opened in 2014. There has been lots to learn along the way. 

Heres why we don’t buy imported flowers. 

We love supporting local flower farms and love visiting the farms in the peak of seasons and getting to know the farmer. 

Imported flowers come smothered with chemicals and we don’t like putting our hands on them.

The carbon footprints involved in getting a bunch of non seasonal flowers from across the other side of the globe is massive and we like to keep our footprint low.

Lastly the Overuse of plastic packaging doesn’t sit well with us. We try to keep away from single use plastic and never ever wrap in plastic. 

We like to keep our carbon footprint low and practice Sustainable principles, we offer Eco weddings and Sustainable flower bouquets.

Located in the heart of Footscray giving you the best and freshest of flowers.

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